Hyphenation redefined

Hyphenation for Adobe InDesign and InCopy™ as of version CS5

InDihyph Silbentrennung

InDihyph sets new standards in hyphenation

InDihyph is based on the same leading hyphenation algorithms from the Dieckmann Company that have already been integrated into our CS and CS2 products. The combination of program logic and tables makes InDihyph a unique hyphenator. The logic here is based on the respective language's grammatical rules supplemented by the real highlight: the algorithms developed by Dieckmann. The program tables intervene to regulate here when these no longer suffice, for example with compound words, special terms, foreign words, and neologisms. Of course, InDihyph recognizes all of the words' forms and endings and hyphenates accordingly.

A single hyphenation rule can cover entire word groups with InDihyph. An example would be covering all of formula 1 terms with a single rule. This is only possible with InDesign's own hyphenation by appending every single word.

Graduated hyphenation qualities with InDihyph

InDihyph recognizes not just the "hyphenation point", but graduates from "excellent hyphenation point" to "acceptable hyphenation point." This leads to unesthetic or even distorting hyphenations being avoided as far as possible. Prominent examples are "Urin-stinkt," "Bierde-ckel," or "Anal-phabet." InDihyph avoids these hyphenations with the worst quality and they are thus used by InCopy/InDesign only in an "emergency" such as with very narrow columns. InDihyph integrates its own paragraph composer as the only hyphenation for Adobe InDesign and InCopy beginning with CS3. A paragraph's wrap can now be specifically adjusted and guided based on hyphenation qualities. This results in a significantly improved print. The best hyphenation quality can be employed with wide columns; with narrow columns, an acceptable hyphenation quality can now be used. Hyphenation qualities themselves can be assigned by paragraph palette or paragraph format. InDihyph Core Engine, which may be shared without restrictions, ensures that the paragraph composer's information and the hyphenation qualities are completely retained throughout the entire editorial workflow even without installed InDihyph hyphenation.

The InDihyph Ghost function

The Ghost function is specially designed for agencies, suppliers and freelancers. Create or edit High-quality documents with InDihyph. When you open a document, InDihyph noted with which hyphenation was previously used to create or edit the document. The document can now be changed to the InDihyph hyphenation to work with precise hyphenation points. If the document will be saved, the InDihyph hyphenation engine "disappears" from the document and the original hyphenation engine will be restored. This allows the end user to open the document without any warning about a missing hyphenation engine.


  • Very high hit rate
  • Hyphenation qualities
  • Private paragraph composer
  • Integration in paragraph formats
  • Private hyphenation rules
  • Full user dictionary support
  • Available in over 40 languages
  • The Ghost function for agencies and freelancers
  • The Dieckmann Co.'s hyphenation algorithms

Available languages

Afrikaans, American English, Bahasa (Malay, Indonesian), Basque, British, English, Bulgarian, Collins English, Danish, German (old spelling rules), German (new spelling rules), Estonian, Finnish, French, Greek, Dutch, Indian Devanagari, Icelandic, Italian, Catalan, Croatian, Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, New Greenlandic, Bokmal Norwegian, Nynorsk Norwegian, Polish, European Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Latin/Cyrillic Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swahili, Turkish, Philippine Tagalog, Czech, Ukrainian, and Hungarian

System prerequisites

Adobe InDesign beginning with version CS5
Adobe InCopy beginning with version CS5
Internet access or email account for product activation
Mac OS X beginning with version 10.8 or 32- or 64-bit Windows operating system