Request test version

Request 10 day test version of the hyphenator and spelling checker.

Test product

We'll gladly make a test version of our products available to you free of obligation. You can test them as full versions for 10 days. Each test version can be installed and activated on up to four computers simultaneously. We need the following information from you so that we can send you the right test version:
Which InDesign/InCopy version do you use? Example: CS5.5 or CS6 or InDesign 2023.
Under which operating system do you work: Mac OSX or Windows?
Which language package would you like to test? Example: Spelling-reformed German, UK English
Please request the test version via the contact form using the above-listed information.

Test on existing documents

Existing documents must first be converted to InDihyph and InDitect to test InDihyph hyphenation or InDitect spell checking on them. This occurs while loading a document when InDihyph and InDitect ask you whether InDihyph should be used for hyphenation and InDitect as spell checking for the document. To be 100% sure however, you can you can check if InDihyph and InDitect are actually preset for the specific language in the test documents' preferences.

Conducting a spelling check

Conversion to InDitect does not cause InDesign/InCopy to spell check an existing document again. To initiate another check, you have to deactivate and reactivate dynamic spell checking. Only then will InDesign/InDitect be prompted to check the existing text.

Question or problems

We're glad to help you if you have a question or problem. Please speak with us if you don't notice any difference after a spell check with InDitect. In a case like that, InDitect is most probably active or not correctly preset.